How Does It Work

The 5 Steps of Our Premium Translation Services

Ata Translation Company follows a 5-step system to ensure the quick and efficient delivery of our multilingual services, adhering to strict standards of accuracy and quality.

The inclusion of numerous technical fields and the prompt delivery of service is only possible through the hard work and dedication of our skilled team of language experts and our integrated use of cloud-based management and communication systems.


1. We deliver your project to our team of translators along with detailed instructions on the context and use of the translation. The team starts working through the project, word by word.

We strive to provide the highest standard of support and communication with our clients by upholding the core values of multilingual accessibility and updating our clients about ongoing projects.

2. After the team completes the translation, they send the file to a separate team of proofreaders to check for errors in the translation and correct any mistakes. Our proofreaders adhere to high standards of excellence and accuracy.

3. The proofreaders then send the updated translation to a team of editors that comb through the document, updating word choice, sentence structure, and fluency.

4. After the editors, the project goes to a project manager, who reviews all the work the previous teams had done as a final phase of quality control. After the project manager approves the project, we send it back to the client.

5. The customer always has the final say. After we return the translation, we give the customer the opportunity to request revisions in the translation.