Frequently Asked Questions For

What languages do you translate?

We provide translation services in more than 300 languages. You can see some of the languages for which we provide services for on the languages page. Please contact us for information if your target language is not on that list.

In what sectors do you provide translation services?

We have translators and interpreters who are proficient and experienced in providing translations in virtually all sectors and industries. Visit our sectors page to read about just a few of the sectors we work with or contact us for more information about a specific sector or industry.

Do you provide emergency or last-minute translations?

Our professional team of translators are quick and return complete projects as fast as possible. While we do apply strict quality-control procedures, we make speed a priority for all our translation services.

What are certified translations and how can I get them?

Certified translations are signed documents delivered along with the translation that verify its authenticity. We help you get all kinds of certified translations all over the world for all the languages for which we provide translation services. Visit our certified translations page for more information.

Why would I need to get a certified translation?

Certified translations are often required for government or official agencies, foreign universities, or immigration and citizenship applications. If you are looking to apply to a foreign university or immigrate to a new country, you might need certified translations of your application materials.

Can you guarantee confidentiality for my documents?

We follow strict guidelines to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. We don’t share the documents, the information in the documents, or store copies of your documents off our secure servers. We do keep copies stored in our system so that we can provide you with additional copies in the future, free of charge. Read more about our privacy policy here.

Why should I pay for a service when I can translate it online for free?

While computer-assisted translation software and machine translation have developed recently, it’s easy to see the differences in quality between a document translated by a human and one translated by a machine. With our service, you never have to worry about sacrificing quality while still benefitting from our affordable prices and quick turnaround.

Why do you only use native speakers for translators?

Native speakers have a much greater command of their language than anyone who learned the language later in life does. Being a native speaker allows an individual to navigate all the minute details, cultural nuances, and local themes that might be present in a text and that a non-native speaker might easily miss.

What format do you use to submit translations?

We can return projects to you in any format that you want. For example, if you need an audio file translated, we can organize the content into a document to meet whatever needs you might have. We make it our priority to accept and deliver projects in the most convenient and hassle-free way for all our clients.

Can you work with industry-specific jargon and obscure terminology?

We hire professional translators who have experience working and translating in all industries and sectors of the economy. This helps us to provide only the most accurate translations possible and to meet all our clients needs in their specific industry. All industries have their own vocabulary and voice, and our team of translators is ready to tackle even the most complex translation projects.