Frequently Asked Questions For

What kinds of interpretation services do you offer?

ATA Translation Agency offers a variety of interpretation services like simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone, and more. We have worked in numerous settings and provided services for events like conferences, seminars, lectures, phone conversations, meetings, private dinners, and more.

What equipment do interpreters use?

We bring different equipment for each interpretation job we work, based on the size of the event and the specific needs of each of our clients. Some of the tools we use include microphones, headsets, recording devices, and more.

Do you supply your own equipment?

Yes, we bring and set up all the equipment necessary to carry out our interpretation services. For larger events with an organized sound system, we work with the audio technician to make sure all microphones, headphones, and our other gear is working properly.

Do you have online interpretation services?

We provide our interpretation services on a variety of online communication platforms to best meet your interpretation needs. Some of our services we can offer online include simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, and interpretation services for written correspondences.

What online platforms do you use for interpretation?

We offer online interpretation services on whatever communication application or platform you require. Some of the platforms we have used include things like Skype, Messenger, and more. For more information on what systems and applications we use, contact our customer service representatives.

Why should I trust your interpretation services?

ATA Translation has been working in the translation business for over 20 years, and we have shown time and time again that we are devoted to a high standard of excellence in all our projects and services.

Can you provide interpretation services for a small event?

We can offer all our interpretation services in any setting and for any event that you require. This includes things like business dinners, one-on-one meetings and interviews, doctor’s appointments, and private dinners.

What kind of interpretation service do I need?

This all depends on what kind of event and in what setting you’ll be requiring interpretation services. Simultaneous works well for large events with a large number of individuals who will listen to the interpretation. Whispered works well with a small number of individuals who will listen to the interpretation. Give us a call and let us help you figure out what service your event requires.

What information do I need to provide when requesting your services?

When you contact our customer service representatives to request a quote, we will ask you for information regarding your event such as the type of event, the number of attendees, the type of interpretation service you want to use, the language or languages to be interpreted, and the date, time, and location of the event.

How much do you charge for your interpretation services?

We determine the price for our interpretation services based on different characteristics of an event or gathering. When preparing a proposal, we look at the length of the event, the language or languages being interpreted, and the type of and amount of technology to be used.