Freelance Language Translators

Our Freelance Translators are the backbone of the translation portion of Ata Translation Company, the thousands of independent workers who help us translate such a wide variety of projects and documents into hundreds of languages. And we’re always looking for more talented language experts to join our ranks. Regardless of what your primary language of translation is – whether you think it’s a common language or one for which no one every needs translations – we would still love to hear from you, get to know you, and establish a professional relationship with you.

We take pride in producing high-quality translations with quick turnover, and we expect each of our freelance partners to adopt the same principles of quality, speed, and care. All projects are directed by a Project Manager, who communicates the clients’ needs and expectations to the Freelance Translator with each project. We carefully look through each application that gets filed on this page, but not everybody is going to be the best fit for our team. When we read your application, resume, and background information, these are some of the qualities we tend to look for:

  • Demonstrated experience, either focused in one field or overall
  • Reverence for linguistic integrity and accuracy in your work
  • Punctuality and timeliness
  • Reliability and responsibility

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Advanced proficiency in the source language of the language combination, meaning:
    • Advanced comprehension of the grammatical structures, syntax, and nuances of the language
    • Ability to understand idiomatic phrases and metaphoric references (if relevant)
    • Understanding of accepted formatting, styling, punctuation, spelling, and other components of professional presentation in the language
    • Capacity to differentiate between the settings of use of the language (e.g. business, scientific, legal, literary, informal, etc.)
  • Native/bilingual proficiency in the target language of the language combination
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Translation, Language/Area Studies, OR 2+ years of experience working as translator
  • Proficiency with a word processing and document-editing programs (Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, etc.)
  • Ability to work quickly, on tight deadlines, and remain in constant communication with a project manager based remotely
  • Certifications/specializations preferred but not required

Application Form

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Working at Ata Translation Company

Whether you are passionate about your language skills or are interested in international business, Ata Translation Company offers opportunities for employees to grow as career professionals.

The shared desire to grow professionally is a common thread connecting our diverse community of employees, and we believe in creating an environment that enables our employees to grow as members of a team and as individuals.

Our company strives to create a supportive and uplifting work environment by valuing employees as individuals. We contribute to the personal wellbeing of our employees, celebrating of our colleagues’ successes and milestones and participating in company-wide social activities like karaoke and bowling. Our staff is our one big family; we work and celebrate together.

Ata Translation Company offers salaries that typically exceed the expectations of its employees