Freelance Interpreter

Our Freelance Interpreters constitute a vital part of the quality language services that Ata Translation Company offers: the thousands of independent workers who help us interpret a wide variety of events and meetings into hundreds of languages. And we’re always looking for more talented language experts to join our ranks.

We take pride in providing high-quality interpretation services equally high customer satisfaction, and we expect each of our interpreters to adopt the same principles of quality, respect, and care. All projects are directed by a Project Manager, who communicates the clients’ needs and expectations to the Interpreter with each project.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Advanced written and spoken proficiency in the Source Language, meaning:
    • Advanced comprehension the grammar, syntax, and nuances
    • Ability to understand contextual idioms and metaphors
    • Understand phrasing, regional pronunciations/vocabulary, and elements of professional presentation
    • Capacity to differentiate between the settings of use (e.g. business, legal, informal, etc.)
  • Native/bilingual proficiency in the Target Language
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Translation, Language/Area Studies, OR 2+ years of experience working as interpreter
  • Ability to work quickly, on tight deadlines, at short notice, and remain in constant communication with a project manager based remotely
  • Certifications/specializations preferred but not required


Application Form

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We hire translators that have been working professional for a minimum of two years, are native-speakers and have a proven subject matter expertise. We give preference to translators that have.

Recruitment Process

To apply to Ata Translation Company please fill out the form and submit a CV.