Account Manager Application

The Account Manager plays a hugely important role in establishing and cultivating relationships with new and old clients, freelance and inhouse language experts, and our teams of project managers and project coordinators. We are looking to hire dynamic and dedicated individuals to take the lead on helping our company grow and reach its goals with picking up new clients and retaining old clients.

The Account Manager will be the central point of direction in the budgeting, accounting, and acquisition of projects. The job will entail networking with a wide variety of clients and associates, working to cultivate new contacts, corporate partners, and institutional associates as well as making sure teams can effectively complete high-quality projects within the confines of a set budget.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Able to waste no time, dive right in, and work with a passion to produce the best work possible
  • Minimum 2 years working in account management, experience at a Language Service Provider preferred but not required
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, or Related Field
  • Proficiency using budget management, spending, accounting, and client-tracking software
  • Strong communicator, outgoing, and amicable
  • Native/Bilingual fluency in English


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage accounts and budgets to allocate resources to projects and teams to maximize growth and help teams work comfortably and productively
  • Collaborate with the project coordinators and managers to make sure that the services required for each project can comfortably and consistently situated within the set budget
  • Organize and utilize lists of potential and current clients and associates to provide direction on establishing new relationships
  • Work to ensure clients are satisfied with our services to cultivate long-term relationships
  • Provide regular analysis of budgetary and accounting habits to focus on areas of success and minimize loss in terms of client relationships
  • Engage in outreach and direct communication with potential clients or associates to help meet the growth goals for Ata Translation Co.

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