Ata Translation Company is a leading translation firm with a presence across the globe. We have added many renowned non-profit organizations, government agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, and law firms to our extensive list of clients.

We offer a broad array of multilingual services included website localization, document management, patent-filing services, transcription, interpretation, and much more. Our global team of employees is devoted to producing a high quality of work in a fast-paced setting to meet the needs of even the pickiest customers.

If you think you would be a good fit to work on our team, send us an email to learn more about working for Ata Translation Company.


Working at Ata Translation Company

Whether you are passionate about foreign languages or are interested in international business, Ata Translation Company has opportunities for its employees to grow as career professionals.

A common thread connecting our diverse community of employees and independent contracts is the shared desire to grow as a professional, and we believe in creating an environment that enables our employees to gain experience as members of a team and as individuals.

Our company strives to create a supportive and uplifting work environment by valuing employees as individuals and upholding the collective integrity of our team. We contribute to the personal wellbeing of our employees, celebrating of our colleagues’ successes and milestones, and participating in company-wide social activities. Our staff is one big family, working and celebrating together.

Ata Translation Company believes in the fair compensation of its employees, often offering salaries and benefits that far exceed the expectations typical in the industry.

What Our Employees Say

“I was looking for part-time experience but wasn’t able to find the right job to build up my portfolio and get experience in the corporate sector. Then I decided to join Ata Translation Company because of my good command of French and German.

All throughout the training period, I learned a ton from the supervising staff. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to deliver the kind of services the company was looking for, but the management and senior staff constantly motivated me to perform better than before.

There was no difference in status between the more- and less- experienced employees. Although I decided to work part-time at Ata Translation Company, the professionalism, excellent training programs, and supportive staff convinced me not to leave the company. I have been learning from the very first day in the business, and I haven’t stopped since.”

Language Editor and Project Manager

Language Editor and Project Manager

“I have learned in my professional experience working at Ata Translation Company that teamwork is the key to success. I found the entire staff working nights and weekends to contribute to the company’s success during busy times of the year, something I wasn’t accustomed to seeing when I first joined the company.

However, it took me a couple of months to understand why employees don’t leave the firm: They are praised and rewarded for the dedication and effort they put into each task and project.

I only allow constructive criticism and this nature of proactive and helpful advice has contributed to the success of the company and uncovered the potential in each of my employees. Not only have I become more proficient in translating content, but I toned my skills in creating a supportive work environment.”