4 Common Misconceptions About Sign Language

4 Common Misconceptions About Sign Language   The World Federation of the Deaf says there are more than 70 million people around the world that use sign language to communicate. But far from all speaking the same language, those who communicate by signing utilize vastly different forms of manual expression. Ethnologue has 142 distinct sign […]

Here’s Why Spanish is Such an Important Language

This is Why Spanish is so Important for Your International Success It’s common knowledge that English is the lingua franca of the international business world, of diplomacy and governance, of art and scientific research. But it’s also common knowledge that there are actually more native Spanish speakers than native English speakers. Spanish is a regional […]

Languages Are Dying and Here’s Why

How Languages Die   The history of spoken language is much more difficult to track than written language. The earliest written records are some 12,000 years old, but inevitably humans have been speaking or verbally communicating with each other for as long as 100,000 years. Since spoken languages leave no permanent record other than traditions […]

Translation or Localization: Which Do You Need?

How Do I Know Whether to Pick Translation or Localization? When first getting into the world of commercial translation, this can be a question that’s on the back of a lot of people’s minds: For my multilingual project, do I need Translation or Localization services? While the short answer is, Yes, you do, the long […]

5 Dos and Don’ts of Doing Business in India

5 Things to Watch Out for When Doing Business in India A former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and British economist Jim O’Neill proposed a thesis in 2001 that the “BRIC” countries could become the four most dominant economies in the world by 2050, based on population and economic trends and development. Two of […]

The Longest Words in These Languages Will Make Your Head Spin

Words So Long They Take Hours to Read What exactly is a word? This might seem like an odd or even obvious question, but it is an important one to ask when trying to figure out what the longest words in a language are. See, some languages inherently have the ability to create absurdly long […]

6 Things to Watch Out for When Doing Business in China

What You Need to Know Before Diving Into Chinese Markets The world is changing. Well, the world has always been changing, but for many Americans who have only recently begun to accept that China will soon take over as the largest economy, it seems the world is changing faster than ever. The United States still […]

Why Game of Thrones is the New Standard for Fictional Languages

Game of Thrones, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and the Key to Convincing “Conlangs” In the fictional and diverse lands of Westeros and Essos from George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” book series and subsequent Emmy-winning HBO show “Game of Thrones”, more goes on behind the scenes for the complex web of cultures and […]

It Might Surprise You How Many Languages Are Alive Today

How many languages are alive today? We could make an educated guess and say that if each country speaks on average on unique language, throw in a couple of indigenous languages, and come up with a number around 500. This might seem like a pretty accurate number, but actually there are more languages spoken just […]

3 Important Lessons We Learn from the Minions Language

Three Important Lessons We Can Learn from the Minion Language Even if them and their films don’t quite fit with your age group, nearly everyone has most likely heard of the Minions. The both lovable and formidable yellow creatures first appeared in the Despicable Me film franchise when its first movie came out in 2010, […]

8 Ancient Languages Still Spoken Today

What Are the Oldest Living Languages? Why is this Difficult to Answer? Languages evolve just like living organisms. Across generations, over hundreds of years, and between different groups of people, they have experienced constant, little changes that branch out over the course of history to produce the complicated web we have today. It is hard […]

Why the History of French is Important for Localization

A language with almost 80 million native speakers and more than 150 million non-native speakers, spoken on all continents with numerous variations, regional dialects, accents, and hybrid languages across its massive population of speakers, the global language of culture and diplomacy until the end of the 19th century when English took over: French. While it […]

5 Differences Between American and British English

Although Americans and British can normally understand each other without much difficulty, most people know that there are some big differences between the two English dialects. In addition to accents and pronunciation, there are a number of grammar, spelling, and punctuation variations.

Is It a Language or Dialect?

What is the difference between a language and a dialect? This could be considered a trick question since in many cases languages and dialects are not categorized objectively. But it is an important question to ask when looking for a translation service for your web content, marketing campaigns, or email messages for foreign consumers.

7 Marketing Fails that Localization Could Have Averted

Some companies have had to learn the hard way about the down side to not using a proper localization service when expanding overseas. A good localization service can help big companies avoid embarrassing translations, failed ad campaigns due to cultural misunderstandings, or damaged sales performance. Transcreation and internationalization are also good tools for companies looking […]

3 Reasons ‘Post-Editing Machine Translation’ Is Not the Choice for You

We talked about machine translation in a previous blog post, but a more hybrid form of computer-assisted translation that some in the industry have been using is Post-Editing Machine Translation, or PEMT.

4 Reasons Literary Translation Is So Difficult

Most types of professional translation look to take content from one project and convert it directly into another language while keeping as much of the original language, precision, and voice as possible. This requires a set of technical that take years to fine-tune and develop. But literary translation is arguably one of the most difficult […]

A Few Things You Need to Know Before Localizing in Arabic

Why Should I Localize Arabic? If you’re asking yourself this question, then there’s a thing or two you need to know about the Arabic language and the Arab-speaking world. The key to survival for any business is to hold on to the consumers it already has while simultaneously attracting new ones. Despite the wild generalizations, […]

5 Essential Languages For Localization

Are you unsure which languages, dialects, accents, cultural references, colors, or font sizes to use for your marketing operations overseas? That’s okay. As a result of globalization, humans can connect quicker and easier than ever before. But even the most skilled market researchers don’t know everything about all languages and cultures. That’s where localization comes […]

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Financial Translator

Do you work with invoices, expense reports, receipts, surveys, bank statements, or other financial documents in a foreign language? Well the good news is a financial translator can help you with all these documents. You just have to be sure to pick the right translator.

8 Things You Need to Be Great Simultaneous Interpreter

Are you looking for a simultaneous interpreter to help you work conferences, meetings, or interviews? Simultaneous is one of the hardest types of interpretation in which an interpreter hears, translates, and relays a translation of a speech. It doesn’t allow time to think, take notes, or edit mistakes. An interpreter must flawlessly understand both languages […]

Factors That Make Learning a Language Difficult

Learning a language is a daunting task, demanding strict attention, dedication, and perseverance. For some people, languages come naturally and acquiring fluency seems to take no time at all. For others, nothing seems more difficult than reviewing grammar, practicing vocabulary, and struggling to converse. Linguists say learning a language correlates to mathematical intelligence, finding logic […]

Is Internationalization the Best Option?

When rebranding your website, social media, or email operations, it’s hard to choose whether to internationalize, localize, or transcreate. Each tool has is own use and relevance. But each also has some benefits over the others. In this blog post, we look at what internationalization is and when is best to ask for this service.

The Importance of Proofreading in Academia

We’ve all turned in final papers or projects for classes only to realize we forgot to proofread them. That feeling of dread washes over you, and then a slow panic sets in. If only there was a service dedicated to editing academic papers and documents. The good news is that proofreading services are easy to […]

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn a New Lanuage

Wouldn’t it be great to have a skill that would help you meet new clients, set up shop in a new country, or earn 10-15% more in salary? Most of us would love to have these perks, especially that last point. So what is this magical skill, and why don’t more people have it? Learning […]

5 Reasons to Study in a Foreign Country

In recent decades, foreign exchange and study abroad programs’ popularity has skyrocketed. Students spend a semester or two taking courses at foreign institutions, and others use their vacations for volunteer trips. Many people even say their biggest regret about college is not studying abroad. So why have these programs become so popular, and what benefits […]

Difference Between Transcreation and Translation

Many translation companies offer services that sound or look identical but have different uses and benefits. Before paying for a service, it is very important to know what kind of tools and benefits each service offers. Without context, things like transcreation, translation, internationalization, and localization sound similar, yet these services couldn’t be more different.

10 Reasons to Use Website Localization

Website localization is one of the most useful tools for businesses looking to expand overseas. The process includes website translation in addition to teams of language experts and IT professionals. The end result is a website your target consumers can understand.

5 Languages You Should Choose for Game Localization

If you weren’t already considering localizing your games, then you should start now. Localization is a great way to reach a wider range of gamers and increase your sales. The only problem you face now is what languages to choose. You need to consider markets, target audiences, and which languages work for the highest number […]

5 Ways to Optimize Content for Local Consumption

When you create content about your product, it’s important your target audience can easily read and understand it. Complex, diluted, or redundant content makes it difficult for consumers to understand.

The Importance of Website Translation

Translation services are important for organizations that work around the world or in multilingual countries. Businesses need to translate documents for international trade. Charities reach out to the less fortunate with brochures in their native languages. Authors want to translate their books into new languages to boost sales around the globe. Whether you’re a businessperson, […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Localize Your Emails

Marketing has faced huge changes in communication technology in recent years. Technologies like social media have caused this, and today, companies prefer digital marketing because of cost, reach, and impact. But a valuable alternative to digital marketing campaigns is going back to the basics: email marketing.

5 Reasons to Make Your Mobile Apps Multilingual

Mobile phones have become a vital part of our lives thanks to the apps that tech companies create each day. Not only do they make our lives easier, but they also present an opportunity for investment. Entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars making and selling apps and international businesses capitalize on foreign markets with them.

5 Things to Consider with SEO-Friendly Website Translations

Website translations require a specific set of skills that experts use to maximize a website’s traffic. Search engine optimization, is the process of writing content so that a website shoots to the top of search results. This entails packing keywords into all parts of a webpage, its meta descriptions, and sometimes its design.

3 Benefits of Multilingual E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the most popular methods of doing business today thanks to an increase in internet usage and access. Now, consumers can shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Machines vs. Humans

Tech companies have recently made huge progress in the field of artificial intelligence. This technology has spread all throughout our lives, from our phones and TVs to our home appliances.