5 Reasons to Study in a Foreign Country

In recent decades, foreign exchange and study abroad programs’ popularity has skyrocketed. Students spend a semester or two taking courses at foreign institutions, and others use their vacations for volunteer trips. Many people even say their biggest regret about college is not studying abroad. So why have these programs become so popular, and what benefits do they bring? Some students choose these programs to “broaden their horizons,” but this isn’t the only reason.

Read on to find out more ways that an international education can benefit students.

Learn Languages

Everyone knows that learning languages improves our memories, attention spans, and more. Bilingual students tend to perform better in school and go on to earn more money in their careers. Universities everywhere teach languages, but learning a language is fastest and easiest in a country where it’s spoken. Even more than experiencing new ways of life, language gives students special insights into people and their culture.

Explore the World

Living in a foreign country is much different than visiting as a tourist. You get to experience everyday life in a way that isn’t possible for short-term trips. Students typically have comfortable vacation schedules, so you will have plenty of time to explore the country. Staying in a different part of the world also makes it easier to travel to nearby countries.


Books are a great way to get new information. For example, you to more about endemic plant studies, you can read in a book where to find the soil. You can even collect the plant around it. However, when you study abroad you can get information from the local sources. When you study in the different country, you can research the area to make a difference.

Job Opportunities

Living, studying, or working in a foreign country as a student can provide many benefits for your future career. International internships, academic programs, or foreign language skills make your resume stand out when you apply for jobs.

Learning a language can itself provide you job opportunities as a translator or interpreter. Becoming an expert in a new language can help you earn some extra money on the side or even turn into a career. Businesses everywhere need all kinds of language services and having lived abroad is a valuable experience that highlights your skills.

Translation services have become more common through online platforms, and you can refine your skills and offer your own human translation services.


In the end, studying in a different country is a great way to excel both academically and professionally. ATA Translation Agency has a team of translators who work with educational documents to help you submit applications to universities all over the world. Feel free to contact us 24/7 to get more information about application processes for various countries.

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