5 Languages You Should Choose for Game Localization

If you weren’t already considering localizing your games, then you should start now. Localization is a great way to reach a wider range of gamers and increase your sales. The only problem you face now is what languages to choose. You need to consider markets, target audiences, and which languages work for the highest number of gamers.

With so many options, we know how hard it can be to decide, so we’ve put together a list of 5 languages into which we recommend you translate all your games to make your job easier:

1 – French

French translation will give your game access to France, Belgium, Switzerland, and all their former colonies around the world. You can even target gamers in the Canada who speak French. More than 220 million people speak French across several continents, and localizing your game lets you access all of them.

2 – Spanish

Another language into which you should localize your game is Spanish. This is a no-brainer, since Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language and dominates Central and South America. With emerging markets in South America, Spanish-speaking consumers are starting to tap into the video game industry. Having your game available in Spanish gives you a head start when those downloads really start to pick up.

3 – Chinese

Mandarin Chinese has more native speakers than any other language and is spoken in the most populous country. Anyone who knows anything about the world knows that the Chinese economy is growing at a rate like no other. And as Chinese workers’ wages rise, so does their interest in all kinds of video games. The gaming market in China is competitive, which makes it difficult for foreigners to expand their video game businesses. But with eager and excited consumers, the rewards your business can reap are endless.

4 – Japanese

Japan and Japanese have special places in the hearts and minds of gamers all over the world. Being a pioneer of video game industries like SEGA, Nintendo, and Sony, Japan was the birthplace of modern video games. And with a large population of gamers and consumers, Japanese is a video-game-localization essential.

5 – German

German is the final language we suggest for your video game localization. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and the largest population of any country in the European Union. It also happens to be the largest market for video games on the continent, even more than the United Kingdom.

Gamers are some of the most devoted and reliable consumers, always buying the newest game, update, or video game system. With the number of options for gameplay, gamers have high standards of convenience and excellence in their video games. This means that gamers prefer games that they can relate to and identify with on a personal level. An easy way to accomplish this goal is to translate and localize your games with a human translation service. Machine translations come with problems:

  • Produce inaccurate or incomprehensible results
  • It can cost way too much money for the quality of service

A human translation service like ATA Translation Agency offers high-quality game translation, interpretation, and localization services in all these languages. If you think we missed another important language, let us know in the comments below!

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