10 Reasons to Use Website Localization

Website localization is one of the most useful tools for businesses looking to expand overseas. The process includes website translation in addition to teams of language experts and IT professionals. The end result is a website your target consumers can understand.

Check out 10 reasons why you should localize your website:

1. Branding

The first reason to localize your website is to improve your company’s brand in overseas markets. When your website is available in several languages, it increases brand recognition and appears more inclusive and welcoming. Therefore, a strong brand strategy is important for businesses who want their products to resonate with foreign groups of consumers.

2. Wider Audience

The only way to make more money is to sell more products or services. And if you more people can see your product, you’ll have a much better chance to increase your profits. Services like e-commerce localization are a great way to widen your audience. Anymore, if your company isn’t working in multiple languages, you’re behind the times.

3. Customer Relations

Alongside widening your audience, localizing your website will make your new customers happy. Give them a website in their native language and make it easy for them to view your products. At the same time, accurate and appropriate language will impress users who visit.

4. User Experience

First impressions make all the difference in business. If your website is clunky or difficult to navigate in a foreign language, customers will not be happy. But if the language is clear, relevant, and all captions, headings, labels, and menus are correct, then you’ve struck gold. A positive user experience spreads fast on the internet through rating and review sites and even word of mouth. Getting a head start and localizing your website today will set up you for success in the future.

5. Free to Do Business In Any Country

If your website works well, makes sense, and your foreign customers can understand all the content, then you won’t face any difficulties selling products or services. But if directions, labels, or menus are hard to understand, then you’re in trouble. With a localization service, you can be sure customers all over the world can easily access your website.

Another great benefit of having a great website is being easy for your business to jump into new markets. A strong consumer base and promises of investment can help governments decide to allow your business to open offices in their countries.

6. Globalization

Since globalization has taken hold, more companies are expanding to new countries and selling products in new markets. All over the world, new consumer groups are popping up, ready to buy products from anyone willing to sell. To compete with other multinational companies and maximize your profits, you should seriously consider using a localization service.

7. Cost Effective

While some companies spend millions of dollars building up a brand in a new country, you have a better option. Localizing your website is a cost-effective way to access new markets without hiring scores of new employees. A service like ATA Translation Agency’s is both affordable and highly effective. Its localization experts work with all kinds of businesses, everything from news and blogs to corporate sites.

8. Consumer Research

While snatching up new customers, you’ll also learn something about the preferences of your new audience. You’ll see what foreign consumers like and don’t like, how they shop, and how much money they spend. The more “local” your website is, the more accurate all this information will be.

9. Increase Recognition

Beyond international recognition, your business can develop its brand at home with an inclusive business. Publishing a blog in multiple languages helps paint your business as one focusing on diversity. These are the companies that survive the longest, the ones creating products and content for consumers everywhere.

10. Market Research

In addition to learning more about your customers, you can learn more about new markets. How many consumers like certain products, what time of the year is best for sales, and what products sell best. You might notice changes in spending or how customers spend money, helping you make more informed business decisions. These are things you can learn about markets by localizing your website to best serve foreign consumers’ needs.

In conclusion, website localization is one of the best decisions you can make for your business when expanding overseas. It provides you with all the benefits listed above and countless more. Take advantage of ATA Translation Agency’s affordable website localization services today by calling for a free quote.

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